11th Ljubljana Refractive Surgery Meeting

10th – 11th May 2024

Ljubljana Refractive Surgery Meeting

Welcome, dear colleagues

Our first Refractive surgery Meeting was organized in 2005 and has already had another 10 successful occurrences every second year since then. The congress is always a great success for all the speakers and also participants and has confirmed a growing interest in refractive surgery among ophthalmologists. Besides refractive surgery the research and development of new IOL technologies open up new horizons for the quality of patient vision. Due to wide-spread popularity and increasing demand for cataract and refractive surgery among patients, more and more ophthalmologists are facing patients on a daily basis that request their expert opinion and counselling regarding the possibilities and options for refractive surgical procedures.

The program for this year's meeting has been designed to cover all the current important basic knowledge of refractive and cataract surgery relevant to any practicing ophthalmologist and at the same time to provide an insight and up to date information on the most important new and evolving advances in this field.

Members of the faculty are all very respected, well-known and experienced experts in the field of cataract and refractive surgery and they come from many different countries. I am confident that also this meeting will present an excellent opportunity to gain some new knowledge and to share and discuss our experiences.

We look forward to meeting you in Ljubljana!

Kristina Mikek

mag. Kristina Mikek, dr. med.

Meeting organization


Morela okulisti
Center for Eye Refractive Surgery


Kristina Mikek, Slovenia


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Conference venue

Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel

Bratislavska cesta 8
1000 Ljubljana


Venue - Hotel Radisson